Rótulo Pilsen

The Kingdom of Prussia is surrounded by tall trees and birds that sing with the sunrise of the first ray of sun. Whoever arrives in these lands knows the Prussians who make our beer and take care of our history. Pilsen was the first craft beer experienced by Fritz, a small, pointed-eyed, cousin of the gnomes. Fritz left his kingdom with the mission to get our formula, but here he discovered that there is something far more important to make a beer than the ingredients.

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About beer

Light body and well carbonated beer. White foam, creamy and long-lasting. Slightly malty flavor and very refreshing, low bitterness.

  1. Chicken with okra, double with white beans, cheese bread with shank, sweet rice.

  2. Narrow-mouth glasses

  3. ALC. 5,0%

  4. 15 IBU

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