Bohemian Pilsner

The Kingdom of Prussia is surrounded by tall trees and birds that sing with the first ray of sun. Whoever arrives in these lands knows the Prussians who make our beer and take care of our history. Bohemian is the most taken beer in the Ligeirinhos Valley, where the Prussians live who have the soul of an artist. In this territory, Bella, with her fire-colored hair, reminds us to think differently, and beyond what already exists, is the only way to dream.

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About beer

Golden coloration beer, light body and well carbonated. White Collar, creamy and long lasting. Rich in malts and noble hops, combining perceptions of fresh bread, subtle caramel and a pronounced bitterness.

  1. Ham sausage, Meat sausage, Tongue of a meat sauce, Sweet of milk.

  2. Narrow-mouth glasses

  3. ALC 5,2%

  4. 45 IBU

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