Rótulo Pale Ale

The Kingdom of Prussia is surrounded by tall trees and birds that sing with the sunrise of the first ray of sun. Whoever arrives in these lands knows the Prussians who make our beer and take care of our history. Pale Ale is Klaus’ favorite drink, a knight who takes our beer to people living in distant lands, and knows that courage is a task to be learned everyday.

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About beer

Extra Special Bitter – ESB. Classical beer, amber colored, perly cream colored collar, dense, creamy and long lasting. Balanced flavor of malt and hops. Rich in malts and noble hops, with woody and caramelized notes.

  1. “Canjiquinha” with rib and bacon, refried beans, chicken in the brown sauce, cider sweet.

  2. Pint

  3. ALC 5,5%

  4. 45 IBU

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