Irish Red Ale

The Kingdom of Prussia is surrounded by tall trees and birds that sing with the sunrise of the first ray of sun. Whoever arrives in these lands knows the Prussians who make our beer and take care of our history. Red Ale is the favorite drink of the King of Prussia and is served during meetings at the castle, while Prussians think of strategies for the brewery. For our King, deciding alone does not have the least grace, a good strategy is a result of who is with.

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About beer

Amber color to reddish copper. Moderate carbonation, mild flavor and sweetness os caramel malt, occasionally with a buttery toast or toffee. Medium-low bitter. Focused on malt, with initial sweetness and final roasted and dry.

  1. Alcatra serenada com manteiga de garrafa, Quibebe, Moela ao molho de tomate, Ambrosia.

  2. Pint Glass

  3. ALC 4,0%

  4. 20 IBU

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