Rótulo Weiss

The Kingdom of Prussia is surrounded by tall trees and birds that sing with the sunrise of the first ray of sun. Whoever arrives in these lands knows the Prussians who make our beer and take care of our history. Weiss is the favorite drink of the Prussians living in the Hidden Forest. Despite being a mysterious territory, you can be sure that if you go there, you will be very well received, especially by Aunt Frida.

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About beer

Light ale based on wheat, spicy, fruity and refreshing. Dark golden color, opaque. Well carbonated beer. Intense white collar training. Flavors and aromas of clove and banana.

  1. Angu “Pastel” with a navel of banana, cassava bun with chicken filling, arroz con pequi, fig in syrup.


  3. ALC. 5,4%

  4. 12 IBU

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