We believe in the force of the dialogue. In the power of connecting people, connecting and making things happen, including beer. Because beer is not just made of water, hops, malt and other flavors. Its also made of conversation. It’s the talk between the ingredientes that turns it into a perfect recipe. But good ingredientes are not enought if the hands of who makes don’t talk to them.

If the hands of the brewmaster have a good converse with the ingredientes, we call it “tecnique”. If your palate have a good talk with our beer, we call it “quality”.  And tecnique and quality are both things that we got!

The talk is good, but it have to get to you. When you drink our beer, you’re talking.

If you’re alone, it’s a conversation with yourself, and with a lot of things that belongs only to you. If you’re drinking Prussia with your family, you’re talking with those whom mean the most in your life.

If you’re with your friends, it’s talking with those whom like and believe the same stuff as you, that’s why they’re your friends. Althougth, life isn’t made of same people.The diferences don’t set us appart, the bring us together and conect us. Being diferente is good. Imagine talking only with those who speal the same language as you. It end being boring, right? With beer it’s also like that. When you create flavors with diferente ingredients, you are creating somethine new and when you open yourself for news, life become a little more gracefull, isnt that right?

That’s why, we, from Prussia, are creating a kingdom where two things are fundamental: talking and beer. Is there a way to living without that? We don’t think so. If you also believe that, join us, welcome to our kingdom!